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2014 USDF All Breeds Award Winner

Stonecreek Lily with rider Cailin Sanford

FPSNA is delighted to have sponsored the USDF All Breeds Award opportunity for Fell Ponies since 2008! Our 2014 winner was the well-versed and talented Fell Pony mare Stonecreek Lily, who ranked First in Second Level, Open Division, with a median score of 63.694%. This pony is proudly owned by Anita Castricone of Angel Meadow Farm in New York. Stonecreek Lily was ridden to this accomplishment by Cailin Sanford. Lily is the first Fell Pony in North America to achieve the All Breeds designation at Second Level competition, and has now accumulated a total of three All Breeds awards since 2012. Congratulations to everyone for an award that represents much work and many hours in the saddle!

Everything Equine 2014 and More

Lunesdale Mercury performing at Everything Equine. Photo by Morgan Quimbly

Here at Firefly Fell Ponies, a lot is going on this spring and summer. Laura Hamilton and John Aberth took Lunesdale Mercury, their Fell Pony stallion, to the Equine Affaire at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex Junction, Vermont, where he performed at "Horsin' Around" as a real live unicorn! Mercury also went to a medieval reenactment fair in Thetford, VT, where he participated in some jousting exercises. This summer, we are offering three medieval knights training camps, where our Fell Ponies will be teaching kids how to ride medieval style! And of course our regular riding lessons and Fell Pony experiences are ongoing. Laurelhighland Crackerjack and Regal Spring Storm started working as a pair and we had a vaulting clinic at the farm as well. We look forward to all the diverse ways we can enjoy, work with, and teach others about our Fell Ponies.

The Judge Smiled when Nine Fell Ponies Entered the Ring

Supreme M&M Champion Broughhill Hadrian's Wall Ridden by Shannon Yee

This was the 8th year the Fell ponies competed at the 2013 PACIFIC COAST CLASSIC at Brookside in California. As FPSNA Area Representative, I was so excited to see so many committed "new" fell pony owners. Even the weather was glorious with mild temperatures for the middle of summer. The show was changed to August 2, instead of Mid-September, so it was a mad dash to get everyone the news of the show, and entries in on time. After a day of judging the beautiful Welsh Ponies, Mrs. Elizabeth Mansfield, Rotherwood Stud, UK smiled when the ring steward informed her the Fell ponies were next in the ring. The show was run well, and all the Welsh pony folks were so helpful and supportive. Mrs. Mansfield is a very traditional judge and really questioned the Fell Pony handlers in the ring about their ponies. Some of the questions asked were, "Is your pony registered here in the US or UK?" and everyone did a great job answering her. Mrs. Mansfield also asked, "Is your pony imported". I always try to prepare the handlers, but this was the first time they were asked these kinds of questions. She was also a stickler for squaring up the ponies, and gave instruction to those who didn't. She really did not like the stallions when they dropped their kick stand, and she placed them accordingly. Mrs. Mansfield wanted to see leather halters or traditional white rope leads in the In Hand classes. She remarked to one of my handlers, that she did not like the web halter with the gold trim. My handler, not knowing what to say, commented," This is California after all, home of the Bling!" We will all try harder next year to get it right. Here are the results for the 2013 classes: M&M 3 & Under Placing Pony Handler/Rider Owner 1 Felllegend Bramwell'sTrisian Nicole Vallancourt Nicole Vallancourt 2 Liberty's Justice Ms. Amanda Dyer Ms. Amanda Dyer 3 Prince Albert (Tomas) Patricia Terrell Patricia Terrell 4 Felllegend Rembrant Elaine Dunson Elaine Dunson M&M 4 & Over Placing Pony Handler/Rider Owner 1 BroughHill Hadrian's Wall Danielle Hawkinson René Bender 3 Braeberry Anne Audrey Miller René Bender 4 Laurelhighland Rose Petal Elise Miller René Bender 5 Laurelhighland Oliver Shannon Yee René Bender M&M Best Of Breed Placing Pony Handler/Rider Owner 1 BroughHill Hadrian's Wall Danielle Hawkinson René Bender 2 Felllegend Bramwell's Tristian Nicole Vaillancourt Nicole Vaillancourt NPS America Ch. M&M Placing Pony Handler/Rider Owner 1 BroughHill Hadrian's Wall Danielle Hawkinson René Bender M&M Novice Ridden Placing Pony Handler/Rider Owner 1 Braeberry Liberty Patricia Terrell Patricia Terrell Ridden M&M Placing Pony Handler/Rider Owner 1 BroughHill Hadrian's Wall Shannon Yee René Bender 3 Laurelhighland Rose Petal Elise Miller René Bender A big thanks to FPSNA for supporting and sponsoring the Best of Breed (BOB) Championship Class. Congratulations to all who attended! Rene Bender FPSNA Area Representative

FPSNA Performance Premium & Awards Program 2011

2011 Supreme Champion Laurelhighland Sapphire, ridden by Miss Lauren Earley (Laurel Highland Farm) Sapphire also won the "Born in North America - High Point Performance Championship".

Our new and improved awards program was off to a great start in 2011, with 15 ponies enrolled across North America. In our Performance Division, many ponies successfully competed in both open and Mountain & Moorland competitions from coast to coast! We also had entries in our Handy Pony Division, earning points both as ambassadors and working ponies. Congratulations to all our winners and North American "Fell Ponies of the Year"! We are pleased to announce this year's Supreme Champion is Laurelhighland Sapphire, owned and ridden by Miss Lauren Earley (Laurel Highland Farm). Reserve Supreme Champion went to Lunesdale Rock Rose, owned by Drs. ET & MJ Gould-Earley and ridden by Miss Janelle Earley (Laurel Highland Farm). Other winners include: Open Ridden: Broughhill Hadrian's Wall (Felllegend Farm); Novice Ridden and Working Pony: Laurelhighland Rose Petal (Felllegend Farm); Junior Ridden, 4-year-old and over In-hand, Grand Champion Ridden Performance Pony, Grand Champion In-Hand Pony, Overall Grand Champion Performance Pony, and Born in North America - High Point Performance Champion: Laurelhighland Sapphire (Laurel Highland Farm); Yearling In-Hand: Felllegend Rembrandt (Elaine Dunson); Open Dressage and Ambassador Pony: Stonecreek Lily (Angel Meadows Farm); Mare Progeny Performance Premium: Ludworth Lady Grey (Laurel Highland Farm); Stallion Progeny Performance Premium: Waverhead Robbie (Laurel Highland Farm). The complete results with all placings and points information may be found at http://www.fpsna.org/awards/PPA2011Results.pdf. We hope to have many more ponies enrolled in 2012!

NEWPA Eastern National Show 2011

(left to right) Canadale Prim N Proper (Dales), Lunesdale Rock Rose (Fell), and Laurelhighland Sapphire (Fell) competing in one of the open English classes.

Results - July 2 - Saugerties, New York; Judge Stuart Lloyd (UK) Sponsored by FPSNA. In-Hand Mountain & Moorland (M&M): 1rst & Champion: Laurelhighland Sapphire (Fell) (Lauren Earley/Laurel Highland Farm), 2nd: Braeberry Douglas (Fell) (Tina Turk/Anne Lyon), 3rd: Lunesdale Rock Rose (Fell) (Terryanne Barbour/Laurel Highland Farm). Traditional Ridden Mountain & Moorland (M&M): 1rst: Canadale Prim N Proper (Dales) (Ann Lyon), 2nd: Laurelhighland Sapphire (Fell) (Lauren Earley/Laurel Highland Farm), 3rd: Laurelhighland Jake (Fell) (Kate Steer/Bruce & Olga Hausser), 4th: Lunesdale Rock Rose (Fell) (Terryanne Barbour/Laurel Highland Farm). Open Ridden Mountain & Moorland (M&M): 1rst: Canadale Prim N Proper (Dales) (Ann Lyon), 2nd: Laurelhighland Jake (Fell) (Kate Steer/Bruce & Olga Hausser), 3rd: Laurelhighland Sapphire (Fell) (Lauren Earley/Laurel Highland Farm), 4th: Lunesdale Rock Rose (Fell) (Terryanne Barbour/Laurel Highland Farm).

2nd Annual Feathered Horse Classic 2011

Lauren Earley and Laurelhighland Sapphire winning the In-Hand "Feathered Pony" Championship. Lauren and Sapphire also won the Reserve Championship in the (Open) Youth Performance Division.

FPSNA Members Lauren and Janelle Earley competed at the Feathered Horse Classic in Greensburg, Pennsylvania in June, 2011. The "Feathered Pony" Division was sponsored by FPSNA. Lauren rode Laurelhighland Sapphire and Janelle rode Lunesdale Rock Rose (aka Roxy). It was Roxy's first show -- she never put a foot out of place and won High Point Performance Champion! Lauren won the in-hand championship in the Pony division with Sapphire, as well as the (Open) Youth Performance Reserve Championship (Champion was a Gypsy Cob.) Lauren and Sapphire also got a first place in a working hunter pony class - their first time competing over jumps! It was also unusual to see Fell ponies in the same ring with Friesians in a few of the open classes (incl. dressage suitability), but it was very educational for folks to see the different breeds side-by-side!

USDF All Breeds Award 2011

Laurelhighland Victor and Lisa Lindholm Summer 2011

The Fell Pony Society of North America, is pleased to announce Lisa and Victor's big win!! Lisa Lindholm (Adult Amateur) and Laurelhighland Victor ended the show season winning the USDF All Breeds Award for Fell Pony Training Level Champion! This is a huge accomplishment for horse and rider to achieve! The requirements to win this award in Training through Fourth Level are as follows: -Minimum of eight scores: -From four different judges -From four different USDF-recognized/USEF-licensed competitions -Including two at 60 percent or higher from the highest test of the level -Median score of 60 percent or higher to qualify Lisa and Victor's median score was 61.200 percent! Congratulations to Lisa and Victor! What a good pony!! FPSNA (Fell Pony Society of North America) is a participating member and sponsor of the Fell Pony All Breeds Award Program

Lunesdale Mercury at Everything Equine Vermont

Lunesdale Mercury in hand, credit Laura Hamilton of Firefly Farm

Lunesdale Mercury was invited to represent the Fell Pony to New Englanders at Vermont’s Everything Equine, one of the largest events of its kind in this area. It was his first public appearance in years and I am so pleased with how he took it all in stride! He is such a ham, never failing to put his nose against someone’s hand when they came by his stall, and though the crowds and loudspeakers in the performance ring worried him the first day, by the second he was a natural. It was so fun to engage all the people in Fell Pony talk after they had seen him showing off in the ring—there were definitely a lot of converts to the breed!

2010 FPSNA Pony Points Winners

Sherry and "Royce" (Mustahevonen Taisto) at a Health Fair in 2010

Congratulations to our Pony Points Program winners! Once again earning our top spot in the competition is Sherry Bouris and her Fell gelding MustaHevonen Taisto (“Royce”). They participated in numerous and varied outings this year, earning themselves 19 points and another consecutive win. Events included Airplane Dese...nsitizing Clinics, parades, group trail rides and 4H clinics, just to name a few. Way to go Team Royce! ‎2010 Pony Points Program runner-up is Cara Hartigan and Laurelhighland Pearl, owned by Ann Riveiro. This was Cara’s first time participating, and she did a great job with Pearl, taking her to four different events including a gymkhana and a six day horse show! Great effort from this first-time team! Other participants in the 2010 Pony Points Program included Vivian Hall with FellConnection Thunder, and Nancy Weiss with Laurelhighland Lily of the Valley & Laurelhighland Sonny Boy. We thank each of you for your support of this program and all the new people and places you and your Fells got to see this year!

2010 USDF All-Breeds Fell Pony Champions

2010 USDF All-Breeds Fell Pony Champion Hinter, with Ann Fiore, and rider Jessica Vivieros (Photo courtesy of Kathryn King Leacock)

Congratulations to Hinter, ridden by Jessica Viveiros and owned by Kevin Tarsagian. Hinter won First Level Champion Fell Pony for the 2010 USDF All-Breeds Awards! Also congratulations to Reserve Champion Laurelhighland Victor, owned by Lisa Lindholm and ridden by Keri Erickson.

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