FPSNA/FPS Breeders in North America

Below is a listing of FPSNA/FPS breeders in North America (presented in alphabetical order).

All eligible foals born in North America are registered in the Overseas Section of the FPS (Fell Pony Society) Stud Book in the UK.  Note that it is generally the responsibility of the breeder to register (and microchip) foals within the year of birth. DNA-typing with parentage verification is also required if the foal is bred via artificial insemination, and/or for late registration.

The registered name of each pony most often includes a registered “prefix” —  after a farm, stud or herd name — where the foal was born.  Thus, it may be easy to tell where a pony originated because of the prefix that its name may bear.  Each prefix is registered through FPS with the Central Prefix Register in the UK, and the prefix may only be used by the person or person to whom it is registered.

You must be an FPSNA member residing in North America to advertise on this page. To find out how you can become a member, please review our Membership page.

Black Pony Farm

Contact: John Rutledge
26505 Rd N, Cortez,  CO, 81321, United States
Website: www.blackponyfarm.com
Email: john@blackponyfarm.com
Phone: 951-662-4143

Dakota Fell

Contact: Rick and Lori Kruthoff
20097 Higgins Gulch Road, Spearfish, SD, 57783, United States
Website: www.dakotafell.com
Email: Lori_Welbig@hotmail.com

Dream Hayven Farm, LLC

Contact: Melissa R. Kreuzer
Lafayette, TN, 37083, United States
Website: www.dreamhayven.com
Email: fells@dreamhayven.com

FiddleHead Farm

Contact: Kimberly Dunn
38881 Hwy. 58, Dexter, OR, 97431, United States
Website: www.fiddleheadpony.com
Email: hayinabag@yahoo.com
Phone: 541-915-8665

Hardenberg Feathered Horse Farm

Contact: Will & Jenni Moser
Gilson, IL, 61436, United States
Website: www.hfhfarm.com
Email: hfhfarm@gmail.com

Moonlit Fell Pony Farm

Contact: Elise Miller
Snohomish, WA, 98290, United States
Website: www.moonlitfellponies.com
Email: moonlitmiller@gmail.com

SouthMoore Farms

Contact: Kimberly Owens
1041 Scott Rd, Coldwater, MS, 38618, United States
Email: mokr@bellsouth.net
Phone: 901-212-2034

Willowtrail Farm

Contact: Jenifer Morrissey

27718 Old Highway 18

Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747, United States

Website:  www.willowtrailfellponies.com
Email: workponies@frii.com
Phone: 605-745-3699