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2002 Foals

In 2002, there were 12 FPS registered foals born in total to North American breeders.

Prior to this year, there had been a total of 24 foals born here since 1993.

4 photo(s) Updated on: November 05, 2021
  • Laurelhighland Duke (at one day), owned by Peggy Shuford of Hickory, North Carolina. From California.
  • Laurelhighland Harmony at 1/2 day old, owned by Mackenzie Rosman. Harmony is exhibiting a colration not unusual in newborn fells-but is a black Fell Pony. Patty Gallagher in New Jersey is the owner.
  • Laurelhighland Gypsy (here at three days).
  • Mustahevonen Taisto, newborn, (s. Townend Rheged, d. Midnightvalley Wild Rose) Owner: Jeannette Pylkki in Washington.

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