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Register A Foal

All purebred* Fell Pony foals in North America receive their official registration (termed the 'Passport') through the Fell Pony Society (FPS) in England. The foal registration form is sent to mare owners, in hard copy format, from the Society office in England.

Our recommended protocol when registering foals is as follows:

  • After your foal is born, contact the FPS Secretary via email to request foal registration forms be sent to you. Please note, these are being mailed from the UK, so allow sufficient time (at least two weeks). For those expecting multiple foals, FPSNA advises to wait until your last mare has foaled, and then request the total number of registration forms needed altogether. The current email address for the FPS Secretary is:
  • Contact your veterinary office to schedule an appointment. Once the registration forms arrive, your vet will need to insert an ISO-certified, 15 digit microchip as required by the Society, as well as indicate whorl locations on your foal, and sign each registration form, along with their practice (clinic) stamp (typically this is a return address rubber stamp used on envelopes).
  • Foals born by AI (artificial insemination) will need to include DNA parentage verification test results along with their registration forms. Your vet should take the necessary hair sample from the foal at the same time as microchipping. DNA forms are available on our website.
  • Please Note- the registration form uses the European system of month and date recording. This means a foal born on April 10th is noted as 10/4, NOT 4/10 as we use in the United States.
  • Make payment for each foal registration here on the FPSNA website (link below), noting that the FPS charges a different price for fillies versus colts:
  • Once your registration forms are completed, they must be sent back to the FPS office in England, along with the Stallion Service Slip for each foal (see below). The current address for their office is: Fell Pony Society, Ion House, Great Asby, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6HD, ENGLAND

  • Owners who wish to have FIS test results included in their foal's Passports can send those results along with their registration forms, and request they be indicated.

  • Please allow at least 10 days for your paperwork to arrive at their office if using normal delivery. Note important deadlines below.

The finished product: your foal's FPS Passport!

Relevant Deadlines

  • Registration forms must be received by the FPS office in England no later than November 30th to be considered 'on time'. FPSNA strongly suggests sending documents from North America no later than November 15th, to avoid incurring additional charges.
  • Registration forms received by the FPS from December 1st to December 31st in the year of foaling are treated as late and require double the registration fees (postmark is irrelevant).
  • Registration forms received after the year of foaling, past December 31st, are considered an official 'Late Registration' by the FPS, requiring significantly higher fees as well as confirmation of the sire and dam by DNA.

About Stallion Service Certificates

  • Stallion owners MUST record mares covered with the Society no later than December 31st in the year of covering. If not, the resulting foal will have to be DNA typed to confirm the sire prior to registration.
  • FPSNA urges anyone purchasing an in-foal mare to make sure the stallion service certificate is provided at the time of sale!
  • Stallion owners should be members of FPS, enabling access to the online Service Certificates function on the Grassroots online studbook (illustration to right).

*Note* Stallions MUST be licensed by the FPS PRIOR to covering mares, or the resulting foal will risk being INeligible for registration! Reputable breeders will not use Fell Pony stallions without licensing them prior to covering mares!

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