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FPSNA Award Programs and Sponsored Competitions

For FPS Registered Fell Ponies

Sponsored by FPSNA, Inc.
We will be adding results of these and other programs to our News!

FPSNA is pleased to offer our annual Performance Premium and Awards Program (PPA), designed to encourage participation by our members and their Fell ponies throughout a wide range of activities all across North America. The program is mirrored from similar award opportunities, namely the Fell Pony Society (FPS) Performance Premium Awards Scheme, and also after the US Equestrian Foundation’s Horse of The Year Awards, as well as incorporating features of our original Pony Points Program. We hope that our awards program will continue to help promote the Fell Pony in North America, and also encourage our members to find more opportunities to go out and have fun with their ponies!

Performance Premium Section Divisions
•Ridden (Non-Dressage)
•Stallion/Mare Progeny Performance

Handy Pony Section (Non-Judged Activities)
•Ambassador Pony
•Working Pony Divisions

Special Awards
• Born in North America
• Born Overseas

PPA Program Dates & Fees

Program Year: December 1st – November 30th
Enrollment Fee: $15/Pony

***Participants must be a member of FPSNA. Points may only be earned after membership and participation fees are paid and pony is enrolled for the current program year(s).

For more information and rules regarding the program, please click here. Feel free to contact for other questions regarding this program.

The Edinburgh Prize for Driving

Instituted by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

“To be awarded internationally to a single or multiple turnout
of registered Fell ponies, 
for achievement in Driving”

Prior to his passing, a new award was presented by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh via the Fell Pony Society UK (FPS). There will be 25 Edinburgh Prizes, one to be awarded each year from 2014 onward. The Fell Pony Society Council is thrilled to inform all ‘whips’ internationally of this opportunity, as North American drivers are eligible to compete for this prestigious honor.

All participating members must complete a form indicating their events over the course of the year (similar to the Performance Awards form), with relevant signatures confirming their achievements.

All ponies must be FPS registered Fell Ponies, and the owner or the driver must be a member of The Fell Pony Society, or a member of an FPS-recognized Overseas Branch (including Fell Pony Society of North America, Inc.).”

For more information, contact the Fell Pony Society (UK).



c/o Melissa Kreuzer, 


Lafayette, TN  37083

Please email for our mailing address if you wish to send via post.

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