FPSNA & FPS Membership

FPS Membership Privileges

Voting Privileges

REgister Youngstock in the Stud Book

Exhibit Ponies at FPS Shows

Compete for special rosettes

Receive all publications

FPS Membership Types:

Full: includes privileges #1-5 (below

Associate: Unlikely to own a pony & therefore will not wish to take advantage of the pony related privileges of membership (includes privilege #5 (below)

Junior: Under 18 on January 1 (includes privileges #2-5 (below)

Family: Couple & children at same address (includes privileges #1-5 (below) for each parent, 2 copies of newsletter, and Junior privileges (#2-5) for all children under 18 on January 1

Annual FPSNA & FPS Dues

Annual FPSNA Membership 

·                FPSNA Individual Membership $35

·                FPSNA Family Membership $45

·                FPSNA Overseas Patron $50

All NEW FPS members MUST complete and sign FPS membership application and return to FPS.  If you are a renewing member of FPS, you do not need to complete this form.)  Note:  FPSNA can only process FPS membership payments for North American members of FPSNA.

Annual FPS Membership

·                FPS Full Membership $80

·                FPS Associate Membership $50

·                FPS Junior Membership $50

·                FPS Family Membership $130

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