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2006 Foals

In 2006, there were 39 FPS registered foals born in total to North American breeders.

20 photo(s) Updated on: November 05, 2021
  • Laurelhighland Chester (s. Waverhead Model IV, d. Sleddale Lib).
  • Laurelhighland Crackerjack (s. Waverhead Robbie, d. Lune Valley Dolly).
  • Stonecreek Danny, (s.Ralfland Ranger, D. Llancloudy Felicia).
  • Laurelhighland Dazzler (s. Waverhead Robbie, d. Castle Hill Dainty
  • Laurelhighland Delilah (s.Waverhead Model IV, d. Lunesdale Rock Rose)
  • Stonecreek Emma, (s. Ralfland Ranger, d. Llancloudy Firestone).
  • Laurelhighland Evelyn, (s. Waverhead Model IV, D. Lownthwaite Evelyn).
  • Kimberlake Magics Galileo, 2 months, (s. Stonecreek Magic Minstrel, d. Drybarrows May).
  • Stonecreek Isis, (s. Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, d. Hillhead Evelyn).
  • Laurelhighland Lancelot (s. Waverhead Model IV, d. Hades Hill Freya).
  • Stonecreek Lily (s. Brocklebeck Briony, d. Goytvalley Magic Minstrel).
  • Laurelhighland Lilibet (s.Waverhead Model IV, d. Lownthwaite Orange Blossom).
  • Laurelhighland Mozart (s. Waverhead Model IV, d. Lownthwaite Monarch).
  • Stonecreek Oreius, (s. Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, d. Inglegarth Celebration)
  • Kimberlake Magic Rambler, 2 months, (s. Stonecreek Magic Minstrel, d. Ashness Mary D.).
  • Stonecreek Rhett, (S.Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, d. Heltondale Rosanna XI).
  • Laurelhighland Robbie, at 3 days, Born 04/05/06, (s. Waverhead Robbie, d. Sleddale Wild Rose V).
  • Stonecreek Scarlet, (s. Sleddale Eddie, d. Gemma Van Het).
  • Summerfield Gina, born 2/3/2006, at 3 am, (s. Llancloudy Gabriel, d. Helingey Baroness).
  • Laurelhighland Zeus (s. Waverhead Model IV, d. Brackenbank Poppy).



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