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2015 Foals

In 2015, there were 28 FPS registered foals born in total to North American breeders.

20 photo(s) Updated on: November 05, 2021
  • Angelmeadow Crown Jules Registration No. Pending, foaled 04/21/2015, Dam: Stonecreek Sapphire, Sire: Willowtrail Black Robin
  • Braeberry Duke of Medford, Registration No. Pending, foaled 04/17/2015, Dam: Braeberry Bonnie Lass, Sire: Laurelhighland Oliver. One Month old.
  • Braeberry Evening Dove Registration No. Pending, foaled 04/27/2015, Dam:Ravenscairn Selkie, Sire; Copperbeech Casper. about 3 weeks old.
  • Braeberry Rusty, Registration No. Pending, foaled 04041/2015, Dam: Braeberry Emma Mae, Sire: Copperbeech Casper. One month old.
  • Braeberry Sierra Jane, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/01/2015, Dam: Murthwaite Yelena, Sire: LaurelHighland Romany Boy. About 2 weeks old.
  • Dream Hayven Destiny, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/13/2015, Dam: Littletree Babysham, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy.
  • Dream Hayven Good Fortune, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/18/2015, Dam:Corrennie Afton, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy.
  • Dream Hayven Kismet, Registration No. Pending, foaled 04/24/2015, Dam: Stonecreek Scarlett, Sire: Ralfland Ranger.
  • Dream Hayven Providence, Registration No. Pending, foaled 04/15/2015, Dam: Hiske v.h. Westerwartier, Sire: Littletree Bodini.
  • Last Dime Bold Justice, Registration No. Pending, foaled 08/07/2015, Dam: Hillhead Evelyn, Sire: Ralfland Ranger. Justice at 2 weeks old.
  • Last Dime Eternal Fyre, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/06/2015, Dam:Redwillow Sapphire, Sire: Ralfland Ranger.
  • Last Dime Honor and Glory, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/10/2015, Dam: LLancloudy Felicia, Sire: Stonecreek Grey Ghost. Glory with young Justin in the shade.
  • Last Dime Valor
  • Laurel Highland Beethoven, Registration No. FP72550C*, foaled 06/02/2015. Dam: Laurelhighland Lyric, Sire: Waverhead Model IV. At 3 days old, alongside dam, Lyric.
  • Laurel Highland Black Diamond, Registration No. FP6184*, foaled 06/15/2015: Dam: Castle Hill Danity, Sire: Laurelhighland Union Jack. At 3 days old, alongside dam, Castle Hill Dainty.
  • Laurel Highland Charlotte, REgistration no. FP6185*, foaled 06/02/2015; Dam: Laurlehighland Athena, Sire: Brackenbank Romany's Prince. Laurelhighland Charlotte, pictured at 3 days old.
  • Laurel Highland Dazzle, Registration No. FP6183*, foaled 06/16/2015: Dam: Laurelhighland Treasure, Sire: Waverhead Model IV. Dazzle at one day old.
  • Laurel Highland Flicka, Registration No. FP6187*, foaled 06/11/2015; Dam: Sleddale Lib V, Sire: Waverhead Model IV. Pictured at one day old.
  • Laurel Highland Forget-Me-not-II
  • Laurel Highland Phoenix, Registration no> FP72549C*, foaled 09/18/2015; Dam: Brackenbank Poppy, Sire: Waverhead Model IV. Laurelhighland Phoenix, pictured at 1 month old.

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