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2017 Foals

In 2017 there were 26 FPS registered foals born to North American breeders.

8 photo(s) Updated on: November 05, 2021
  • Hardenberg Daegan, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/21/2017; Dam: DreamHayven Aurora, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy. Daegan at 1 mo ol. LOVES to run and stretch those legs!
  • DreamHayven Raindrop, Registration No. Pending, folaed 07/10/2017; Dam: Gelbrich v.h. Westerkwartier, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy
  • DreamHayven Driving Force, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/19/2017; Dam: Littletree Babysham, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy
  • DreamHayven Vortex, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/31/2017; Dam: Hiske v.h. Westerkwartier, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy
  • Dreamhayven Sprinkle, Registration No. Pending, foaled 06/13/2017; Dam Castle Hill Dainty, Sire: Lunesdale Black Caviar.
  • Felllegend Elizabeth, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/20/2017; Dam: Murthwaite Yelena, Sire: Cooperbeech Casper.
  • Laurelhighland Black Prince II, Registration no. pending, folaed 05/18/2017; Dam: Laurelhighland Tiara, Sire: Lunesdale Black Caviar. Black Fell Pony colt pictured at just a few days old.
  • DreamHayven Perfect Storm, Registraion No. Pending, foaled 08/11/2017; Dam: DreamHayven Valhalla, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy.



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