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Melissa Kreuzer


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Dream Hayven Farm
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Our farm has just under 20 years of history with the Fell Pony breed, and has produced over 70 purebred Fell Pony foals in that time, along with importing dozens more to expand and compliment our breeding program as well as those for our clients. We believe educated breeders, and educating owners, is the core of true stewardship and curated growth of this hardy, endangered pony so close to our hearts.
We host private tours every summer to the home of the Fell Pony in Cumbria, England; and offer our time and dedication as a volunteer with FPSNA for the past 15 years.
Our ponies are raised on the Upper Cumberland Plateau in middle Tennessee, within a woodland pasture ecosystem built on limestone and shale subsoils. Our grazing pastures feature steep and challenging elevation changes of over 200', and water sourced from the mineral-rich Bennett Hill Spring.

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